Sunday, October 7, 2007


I feel like I'm stuck in suspended animation. I had an order everyday for the first week and this week I'm playing the waiting game. I know I have to get my name out there to get customers and I know the first time people look they may not need anything. I'm trying so hard to be calm and patient but it's really hard.

My husband is funny. Everytime he see's me check my email her says "Get an order?" He is trying to make me laugh I think. I passed out more business cards today and next week I plan to make shirts for me and my kids and call the graphic guy about a sticker for my truck. I know that will help greatly.

I'm also hosting a scrapday at my church where I will be able to get my name out there Sat afternoon. Well that is it for today!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

I'm sure things will pick up soon. Getting your name out there is a big part of it. If you make a little banner I will put it up on my blog so more people can know about it. Until then I'll put up your link. Good luck!

Scrapbooking Recipes

With the holidays coming so fast we need more hours in our day. One way I've found to help is quick and easy meals. Here is one that I love to use when I have a full day.

Lazy Log Cabin Casserole:

1lb stew meat cubed
1 can of Cream of Celery
1 can of Cram of Mushroom
1 packet of Beef Onion Soup (I don't use this. I just add salt, pepper, garlic powder and dried minced onions but I'm an eye ball cook)
Toss all this in the crock pot together give it a stir put it on low and cook it for 6 - 8 hours. Home cooked meal with just a few moments prep. Put a salad bag with it and your hubby can't be upset that there isn't a home cooked meal on the table.

Do you have a quick recipe? email me