Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mini Accordion Album Instruction

Ok I promised I would give you the instructions and finally I have put the info together.

Materials: 3 - 6x6 pieces of patterned paper
1 - 8x8 piece of paper (Pattern or solid will work for this)
Bone folder would be helpful but not a must have
Embellishments of your choice to match you paper choice

Step 1 : Fold your 6 x 6 pieces diagonally. (If you fold it with the same pattern on the outside of each piece when you put them together you will have a staggered pattern in the end)

Step 2 : Now fold your 6x6 in half to make a rectangle.

Step 3 : Now turn your rectangle and fold it in half the other way.

Note : It doesn't matter which side of you paper you do this to. You will be able to fold it the opposite way if you do not like how your papers lay together.

Step 4 : Fold your 8x8 paper the same way that you folded the 6x6 papers. The difference will be when you have it folded you will fold down the front or back corner to make your pocket. Punch holes on the left and right side of the pocket to tie it closed. (You can glue down all the loose paper or tie it with ribbon anything you want)

Note: I did not punch holes yet. you can look at the other one I've posted if you aren't sure where to place the holes.

Step 5 : Get back out the 3 6x6 papers folded like this:

Now you will slide them together. Two will face one direction and one will face the other.

Laid flat to glue they will look like this

Last Step: Fold up your 6x6 pieces and insert them into the cover and your done. (Well you still need to embellish and add photos but your done with my instructions)

Materials I used: Chic
With these two papers I was able to make it look like I used a lot of different papers.

I thought of something as I was showing this book to my Mom today. There is a journaling block on the paper I used. It could be folded and you could have 4 squares in your mini album. You could probably have more that that if you wanted to cut your cover larger. I want to try to make a 12 x 12 accordion album. It's been mentioned to me twice now.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Design Team Clarification

I'm sorry but I sent some email stating that I was planning to announce the DT the first week of March! I don't know how in one minute my brain came up with the date March 15 and the next I shortened it by 2 weeks. I guess it was because I've gotten so many applications. THANKS for that. Keep them coming.

It is going to be so hard to choose. I tell you all the entries have been SUPER!!


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Prima's IN

I'm so excited to announce that Prima is in!!!

I'm sorry that I haven't been able to take pics and post the mini album instructions. I will get to them. Today just turned into an extra day of errands. Tomorrow is the same till evening. Then I should be able to dedicate myself to that and putting more product on the store

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

American Craft Teen Line

Teen Ribbon
I used 9 ribbons from the teen line

Teen Kiss 4
This ribbon brought together 2 bold colors I wanted to use but would have look odd together without something to pull them together.

This line was sitting on my desk begging me to us it. This mini was so cute and I thought it would look really good with these bold papers. I also added some Hambly rub-ons and here you go.
Dress Code
Tardy Slip
Teen Kiss 3
Dingbats & Robots Pink
Dingbats & Robots Lime
If you are interested in making one of these I will try and post directions and pics later today or tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Graphics 45 layout

I was blessed this weekend with some time for myself and MY scrapbooking. I had such a blast getting back into my craft. If you keep checking in this week you will see some of my work because I was able to use some Graphics 45, Prima, American Craft Teen Line and more! If you want to see all of it you are welcome to check my personal blog (that I will put them on by Friday) Scrapp'n Heather

Here is the Graphics 45 layout

Ok here is the low down on materials:
Black Magic
Wonderlust Pebbles
Office Staples

Friday, February 20, 2009

Jumbo Chipboard by Daisy Bucket

This is some cool stuff: Jumbo Bracket Chipboard
Jumbo Scallop Chipboard

I just wanted to show you some of the pics I took of what you can do with it. All of this was done by the designers at Daisy Bucket Designs

This is a purse - Yes! Cool isn't it. You will need 1 Jumbo Bracket Chipboard and 1 Scallop Chipboard Tie the pieces together with ribbon run through holes you punch and there you have it a beautiful purse.

Here are some more cool projects they had on display.

Ever wanted a post it note holder on your desk? Use the small scalloped chipboard and there you have it.

Posh Posies by Daisy Bucket Designs

I've recently done some rearranging in my life. Personally I feel this is necessary every once in a while. I realized that I had let the business I created to love my craft more take me further away from my craft than I had ever been. I have tried to wake up each day with a plan: to spend a little bit of time in all the places that I need to be.

Anyway I said all that to say that I've been scrapp'n! I put this together for the yearbook that is done by a Homeschool organization that I'm in. It is not my best work but I had many limitations as this had to be a certain size, with little room for my normal 3-D style. This is the page that will be put into the yearbook.

Button (Sorry this was from my "OLD" personal stash)

Did I mention that Posh Posies is 15% off till Feb 25th.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

American Craft is in

It feels like it took me forever to get all the pics edited and all the American Craft Merchandise up at the store but it is up and remember 15% off for one week : ) (that is it ends the 28th)

The picture above is one of the paper is the Craft Line. The other line that came in is Back Yard. Back Yard is a great line too. It's fun and bright : )

Have fun shopping
Shop the Store

Sunday, February 15, 2009

February Newsletter

As many of you know I haven't figured out how to make a newsletter that I can post readable in my blog. So here goes all the same info blog form : )

Recap of new arrivals: Hambly- Woodgrain paper, 5 dandelion paper, 3/4" graph over lay. Rusty Pickle: Chocolate Covered Cherries & Brass Knuckles. Ranger - restocked and new color stickles. Graphics 45 - Communique.

Arrivals coming this week - Creative Imaginations, Doodle Bug, & American Craft.

Free Shipping for ONE YEAR! I've added a benefit for locals. If you choose pick-up/delivery you can win $5 off your orders for a year. Same restrictions. Maximum 2 orders a month will get this offer. To enter this contest all you have to do is place an order of $25 worth of merchandise. You can place as many orders you would like till the 28th of Feb.

Just thought I'd through this little family collage in for fun. I married a Steeler fan and became one myself!

Design Team Call: If you would like to be considered for this please send me pictures of your best work or a link where I can see your work to . I would like to see layouts, & altered projects. I would also like a link or the address of your blog and a list of the forums you currently chat in. Please turn in by March 15, 2009

What will be expected: You will be asked to post at least one two page layout (or 2 one page layouts) every two weeks with product from the store to the store's blog. You will be asked to post on forums where you chat about sales, challenges, etc.. You will be asked to post to the Everything Scrapp'n Blog once a month. This can be about a project you've found, something that has inspired you that month etc.. You will also be asked on occasion to take a certain product sample I send you and make a layout or project with.

What you will get: You will get a gift certificate for $15.00 each month to purchase product to do your layouts and projects. (You will also not have to pay shipping on this order each month) You will be sent on an occasional basis product sample to use to put together a special layout I may need. Your layouts may be chosen to be in the newsletter. You will have the opportunity to give me a write up or idea you would like put in the newsletter. You will be able to put together kits to sell in the store if you feel that is something you would like to do. Ability to go to CHA and help with purchasing and make-n-takes.

Project of the Month:
Altered Paper Mache Bag from Craft Store using Love Letter Line by Little Yellow Bicycle. Crafter Heather Turner

Saturday, February 14, 2009

More New Product Graphics 45

Graphics 45 Communique Collection is in! I just realized in all the rushing around I've been doing that I forgot to tell you that the new product lines are on sale for one week after they arrive.

Ok a recap of new arrivals. Rusty Pickles-Brass Knuckles & Chocolate Covered Cherries. Little Yellow Bicycle-Love Letter (remember these quantities are 1). Ranger- I'm restocked on stickles with some new colors added to stock. Lastly (for now) Graphics 45-Communique. That is all the new for now.

FREE SHIPPING - Don't forget that ever order of $25 (before shipping & Tax) gives you a chance at one whole years worth of free shipping. Live local and don't need it? I've got you covered. You will get the $5.00 off your orders for a year. (Same rules would apply - Maximum 2 orders a month. You would receive a code by email to use starting March 1, 2009 ending Feb 28, 2010) This contest end Feb 28, 2009.

Happy Valentines Day!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Love Letters

Hello all - Love letters is in the store! It is how ever in the store at a LOW quantity. There is just one of each item. So if this is something your interested in jump on over and check it out. Don't forget the contest for free shipping for a year!

Everything Scrapp'n

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

CHA Rusty Pickle & Hamble IN

Some of my CHA orders from Rustly Pickle & Hamble IN

Come by the store and check it out at the store

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Contest - Free Shipping for 1 Year!

If you place an order of $25.00 (before shipping & tax) between Feb 8th and Feb 28th your name will be entered into a drawing to win free shipping for a full year! Your name can be entered as many times as you want. (details below picture)

Don't think that this means that you will have to stock up on only older products. I have new items coming in from Creative Imaginations, & Hambly. The new ribbon for the Teen line just came in a few weeks back and there could be other goodies popping in, you just never know after CHA. I have also added some notecards under accessories that contain stickers.

Ok now for the fine print - Only one customer will be able to win free shipping for a year. You must purchase to be entered into the contest. If you are the winner you will be allowed no more than 2 packages each month for 12 consecutive months starting March 1, 2009 and will end Feb 28, 2010. The free shipping can not be transfered. An email will be sent each month to the winner giving a code to enter at check out to receive the free shipping for that month.

Scrapbooking Recipes

With the holidays coming so fast we need more hours in our day. One way I've found to help is quick and easy meals. Here is one that I love to use when I have a full day.

Lazy Log Cabin Casserole:

1lb stew meat cubed
1 can of Cream of Celery
1 can of Cram of Mushroom
1 packet of Beef Onion Soup (I don't use this. I just add salt, pepper, garlic powder and dried minced onions but I'm an eye ball cook)
Toss all this in the crock pot together give it a stir put it on low and cook it for 6 - 8 hours. Home cooked meal with just a few moments prep. Put a salad bag with it and your hubby can't be upset that there isn't a home cooked meal on the table.

Do you have a quick recipe? email me