Thursday, August 6, 2009

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Ok I know that I've almost given Zoa a heart attack since I've not spent any time in the blog on Prima. So Zoa this ones for you. When I got the sneak peak from Prima I was pretty impressed with a few of their new things, not their paper so much but they were bringing sprites back so that's a plus for many of us. After getting to the show and finding some things that would be less expensive but still great quality I worried that besides the sprites there would be nothing (breath Zoa I'm just telling the story). Well I met my rep Adam and he started showing me the goods in person and well let me tell you this post is just best with pics so here is almost everything I've ordered. There area few things I couldn't get a picture for so they'll come later.

I'll start by showing you some Prima Goodies. Remember the Essentials 7 coordinate with the papers but don't have to be used with them so there will only be the one assorted picture. I won't put a pic of it with the lines below.

These are some pebbles they released that aren't for a specific paper line but will work great with other things coming into the store. These first pebbles will look great with Webster's Pages and the next set will go well with Cosmo Crickets Boy Friend line but of course they are not only going to go with these lines. I know the creativity in the scrapbook world will make good use of these.

I was asked to bring in some of the inexpensive small stamps and prima was the best place I found to get them. Here are a few there is one more I couldn't get a pictures of .

This lone paper is one of the Art Stitch papers. Art Stitch was introduced at Winter CHA and was a huge hit. This paper didn't do much for me until I saw one of their examples where they had inserted pictures & or embellishments into the circles. There is another one that I ordered that I was unable to get a picture of. There will be an Art Stitch paper to match the Tropics line and the Animal Bash line. So that's 4 Art Stitch papers to choose from.

Denise, Suz and I thought these would be a great addition for all of you our there who like to paint, distress, and glimmer mist items to make them match your layout. This way you do not need to buy several different packs you make this pack work for you.

These flowers are not Prima's normal mulberry paper they are burlap with a center.

Prima told us that customers have been asking for lilies and this is the first time they have done the lilies. I like them just because it is a new look.
These are some Art Stitch embellishments that are being release. I can't decide if these are suppose to coordinate with the Tropics line or not but in the Animal Bash section you will find some that do coordinate with it.

Prima has taken their swirls up a notch and added points and butterflies to them. What is great about these is if your not a butterfly person the butterfly is in a position that you can remove it and not compromise the swirl. And as always you can cut this to fit your needs and wants.

Denise loved these and I don't recall seeing the pieces that are to the far right of the picture. Sorry for the life of me I can't think of what they are called right now.

Prima mixed pearls and crystals in two tones in these swirls to give you a mix of not only color but texture and look as well.

These flower centers are a new style that give you some new type bling. Once they come in I'll show you what they look like in the center of a hydrangea (you know those flowers we all had to have and now we need something to give them an edge- this is it)

I was asked to bring in lace - hear it is. It is an antique white color.

Tropics is one of the new paper line. This has orange and aqua and in my opinion is just a fresh look.

Above Pebbles; Below Paper Line

Below: Roses to coordinate with Tropics Line

(Sorry couldn't remember which paper was the art stitch for this blog)

Animal Bash is one that I didn't see in the sneak peak. I love it. It follows along the line of the Mommy and Me from the Winter release. Super Cute with some great embellishments.

Above: Art Stitch paper
Below: Paper Line

below: pebbles

Below: Art Stitch Embellishments
So there you go Prima fans. I didn't forget you. I love Prima as much as you do and I hope to always be able to bring their lines into the store. Check back for more CHA update, Contest and sales.


2 Worlds said...

Oh so great you got stamps, these papers rock, they were already in my wish list.
Cant wait to see this close

Cat said...


(btw-do you mean the Fleur de Lis?) said...

I know right? They just had such great goodies.

Yes thanks - fleur de lis. I'll still never remember that LOL.

Suz said...

All the stuff looked even more fantastic in person! You will love the new Prima

Zoa said...

LOLOLOLOLOLOL ok next time you need to tag me when you write a post like this! I am so thrilled that you remembered my "shopping list"!!! I can't wait for all the new goodies to start rolling in!!!!!! thanks Heather!! :)

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Lazy Log Cabin Casserole:

1lb stew meat cubed
1 can of Cream of Celery
1 can of Cram of Mushroom
1 packet of Beef Onion Soup (I don't use this. I just add salt, pepper, garlic powder and dried minced onions but I'm an eye ball cook)
Toss all this in the crock pot together give it a stir put it on low and cook it for 6 - 8 hours. Home cooked meal with just a few moments prep. Put a salad bag with it and your hubby can't be upset that there isn't a home cooked meal on the table.

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