Monday, November 2, 2009

Today is the DAY!

Today is the first day of the photo a day challenge. It is just 8 am so you have the whole day to decide what you want to capture on your first day! You will see I tossed up a picture of a coke can. "WHAT" you might ask. Well you see I could spin this many ways. I was drinking this coke last night at midnight, so technically thats today. So I could use it for that. I could use it as "WHY is Santa on my Coke before Thanksgiving?" or just my laziness that the coke can is still on the table - LOL.

I don't know that this will be my photo for the day but it was handy to photograph this morning. Personally I think I'm going to run mine more like a journal seeing as I want to improve my journaling habits and I love these picture a day challenges. I hope you will find great pleasure from this challenge. SO get out there and shoot some life.

Leave your comments and links to pics at the link below! Also note that a direct link to the challenge blog itself is in the upper left hand corner of the main blog page.
The post for the Nov Challenge

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3 comments: said...

Do you know how silly I feel? I can't believe I missed my own first day! What's up with that - right? Well here is the low down if you missed day one just take two creative ones today and don't tell anyone you goofed. They won't know.
I hope to have a link and some pics up later. Gotta go do the mom and wife thing for a while but I did pull out some awesome goodies to put a book together for myself using my bind it all. (I mean I did buy the darn thing I should make some use of it)

Kimmy said...

It's okay. If you wanna feel better, I just realized it was the 2nd of the month ummm at almost 6pm. I got my photo, I'll make that one count for yesterday since it was at about midnight-ish. said...

Ok here is a link to my blog post.
This has a slide show of the journal for my photo journal a day and there is a 2nd slide show for just the photo a day.
Hopefully after this weekend I'll have better pics up in the photo journal a day slide show.

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