Saturday, June 27, 2009

CHA Peaks

When I get a sneak peak of the new lines I'm going to do my best to pass them on to you. I would love to hear your feed back. Tell me if you like it or if you don't. Give me all the dirt!

Ok first things first there is a fun contest going on over at Cosmo Cricket
If you think you could make a good cutting edge video for them to advertise their CHA sneak peak go check it out. I didn't read all the details but you can win free stuff and that is always worth a little of your time.

Second Graphic 45 just sent me one picture of each of the lines that will be released in Orlando. Here they are - remember this is not the whole line just one paper or die cut sheet that gives you the best idea of the line.

The Domestic Goddess Collection is a playful celebration of women's traditional roles drawn from the days when they proudly wore aprons and vied for blue ribbons at the county fair. Designs featuring a rich mix of reds, yellows, blues, and greens, were inspired by vintage tea towels, table linens, food labels, and images of cooking, sewing, laundry, and other household chores. For collage, paper crafting, cards and layouts, this collection is endlessly versatile, offering a smile and a nod to the Domestic Goddess in all of us.

The Renaissance Faire Collection is a sophisticated journey to the golden age of fabulous art, music, and literature. Designs combine famous paintings, architectural elements, opulent textiles, wallpaper, and old text to create images worthy of royalty. An antiqued jewel tone color palette adds to the elegance of the motifs and patterns. This beautiful collection is perfect for collage and paper crafting, holidays, weddings, special occasions, heritage projects, card making and more. Renaissance Faire offers a fresh approach to timeless treasures.

The Christmas Past Collection evokes memories of Grandma’s house, with the heady fragrance of gingerbread baking in the kitchen, a Christmas tree decked out in its holiday best, and carolers at the door. Angels, heirloom ornaments, Rudolph, Santa and the elves— they're all here, wrapped in a heartwarming color palette of red, green and gold with the patina of age. Holiday images seeped in Christmas Past—a terrific way to share and celebrate Christmas Present.

And last the above collection will be released in paper packs that will include the die cut sheet. So let me know if you would rather see paper packs than individual papers. Also I'm leaning towards "The Christmas Past Collection" & "The Domestic Goddess Collection" so give me your feed back so I know if I've made the right choice!

Hope you don't get blog info overload!


Zoa said...

can't wait for new Graphic 45!!! Don't care too much for the Christmas one.... I have seen several vintage Christmas lines the past couple years, so no big deal to me.

How about NEW PRIMA?!?! you should stock up in the store! yummmmy!! :-)

Denise said...

I love the Graphic 45 Christmas paper! Definitely have to get some of that. I agree with Zoa, need LOTS and LOTS of Prima!.

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