Monday, September 7, 2009

My Weekend Work

Edith Fitzbolt I chose this paper because I wanted the red that signifies disney but for this particular layout I wanted to high light that border. This paper gave me the look of Minnie's dress even though it was not a Disney themed paper.

Vinyl Thickers
Glitter Thickers
Well what can I say it was late. I thought I looked carefully at my vinyl thickers only to lay them all down and be short an e. So I looked at the Tara Glitter Thickers in black and made the vowels match. I love the mix and match look and it's great for accidents.

Cricket Cartridge "Graphically Speaking" (the two's and the Note Pad)

The scalloped circle and the journaling card came from the Magic Line. I love this sheet with all the circles. I used a smaller circle just to highlight the note paper and then the small journaling card for the information. There are still plenty of circles and a few other stickers to make use of on this
Magic Circles sheet.

To make the border of two's show up I laid a newspaper over the part of my paper that I didn't want to spray. I misted the paper that was showing. Laying the newspaper down gave me a crisp edge. I like this look because I was able to darken only the section the border would lay on and could keep the popping red for the rest.
Haunted Shadows Glimmer Mist

I am laughing at myself as I post this. I got home around 4:30 in the afternoon Saturday after a movie with a friend. No husband, no kids and the group crop had ended early. I already knew I was going to use my Cricuit to cut shapes for the journaling cards I needed to make for our scrapbooking group. I spent a good hour cutting with the cricuit to find that I finally had the 12 pieces I needed. You know how it is. You think a size is fine cut the full 12 thinking you are saving yourself time only to find that it just won't work. LOL

I fiddled around and found paper to mount the journaling card on, the stamp, the embellishments and the ink to stamp the lines. Next thing I knew it was after 6 and I still needed dinner and adhesive. GRRRR To make a long story short I was up till 11:30 scrapping and got 12 journaling cards and this one page done! Crazy right? And the only reason I got this page done is because I forgot to hit shift to get the image I needed and got that border of two's.

I am glad though that I got a page done. Every page counts!
Edith Fitzbolt
Vinyl Thickers
Glitter Thickers
Cricket (the two's and the Note Pad)
Magic Circles
Haunted Shadows Glimmer Mist

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Scrapbooking Recipes

With the holidays coming so fast we need more hours in our day. One way I've found to help is quick and easy meals. Here is one that I love to use when I have a full day.

Lazy Log Cabin Casserole:

1lb stew meat cubed
1 can of Cream of Celery
1 can of Cram of Mushroom
1 packet of Beef Onion Soup (I don't use this. I just add salt, pepper, garlic powder and dried minced onions but I'm an eye ball cook)
Toss all this in the crock pot together give it a stir put it on low and cook it for 6 - 8 hours. Home cooked meal with just a few moments prep. Put a salad bag with it and your hubby can't be upset that there isn't a home cooked meal on the table.

Do you have a quick recipe? email me